Working 9 To 5 Is It Really You

Why do you work 9 to 5? Do you enjoy your job? If not why do you stay at it?

On any monday morning try sitting by the side of the road at 8am and watching all the unhappy faces driving past you. Barely anyone is smiling, no one is laughing. What does that tell you?

So why do all these people and possibly yourself included in this, why do they all continue to get up like slaves and go to the job?


Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of what other people would think.

Fearing what other people think, giving up that ‘prestigious’ job and going after what you really want. Who cares what other people think – they should be minding their own business and looking after thier own lives anyway. If they have time to look into yours and judge you then they are small minded petty people. Personally as long as what you do does not affect my life I could not care what you did (as long as it is not evil) as I personally have enough on my plate to think about with my own life.

Fear of failure. What happens if the new business fails, what ahppens if you leave this job only to find you cannot get another, what if… , what if…. , what if….

What if you never try? Then you have failed anyway by giving up before you even start. Life is a gamble, everythign you do is a gamble, evaluate the odds and take the risk. Then go for it 100%

Fear of change. Why do people fear change? Change is constant and necessary, you cannto stop it. To want life to freeze at this single comfortable point in your life is wishful thinking  at best. Change can bring unknowns Рthis is why people are afraid but it is about as useful a tactic as being scared of the dark. Grown ups are not afraid of the dark, it is the same world without the suns radiation bearing down, nothing else changes, monsters do not suddenly spout up.

So are you happy with your 9 to 5 existence?

Why do YOU stay?