Why Fight Over Religion

Why are all the religious fundamentalists fighting each other?

American Christians believe they are right, Islamic Extremists believe they are right, I believe they are both wrong.

I mean who are they to judge what is right and wrong – I thought that was supposed to be God’s job at the end of the day – and who amde the fundamentalists God?

In all the religious stories I have heard and all the religions I have studied or looked at it was supposed to be God (or the Chief God)  who decides who enters Heaven (or whatever name) at the time of Judgement day.

If God made the Earth then it is his creation and his doings. Why do these people get so emotional and start to interfer with God’s work.

Do they really know better than God?

I do not see anywhere in the Bible or the Koran where it says go kill the unbelievers.

As Jesus said “Let him who has not sinned throw the first stone” and everyone else can damn well shut up.