International Travel Is Good For You

Travel opens up new ideas and new experiences, it helps change the way you think and gives you a broader perspective on life. It makes you a more rounded individual and more ‘worldly’. It also relieves you from insecurities when dealing with foreigners or foreign cultures.

Upon travelling through Asia and Eastern Europe I have come to see that people are the same everywhere, they all act in the same ways regardless of culture and politics.

Growing up in the West I was taught to believe that Russians are bad people. Wrong.

They enjoy being with their friends and family, they enjoy a beer and they even have the same fart jokes – just spoken in a different language.

The days of WW2 propagander have gone yet many people who never travel outside their tiny minds and their tiny towns still cling to these outdated racist beliefs.

World travel gives a a clear view of what people are like, it also lets you look at your own country and culture from the outside. Better yet you get internation media nd you can see what the rest of the world thinks of your people.

What do you think the people of Burma think about thier government, what would you think they felt if they could live in the West for several years.

Dictatorial/Communist governments practise severe censorship for a reason – to control what people think.

Don’t censor yourself by sitting in your small town and believing what you Government tells you – we all know they are in it for themselves with rarely any actually caring about the country as a whole.