Ever Thought About Making Your Own Movie?

Here is a website I stumbled across where a group of guys working as extras and stuntmen (the beginning tiers of acting) in Asia went out and made their own successful movie – Bangkok Adrenaline.

Thinking about it what is there in your life that you have always wanted to achieve and have never gotten up and done?

I mean getting out there and making your own successful cinema release movie in a foreign country with an eagerly awaited DVD release must be up there amongst the harder career objectives people might choose to strive for – I mean it’s not like walking into your boss and asking for a $20 pay raise it is a ‘leapfrog’ in career moves.

From bottom rung to Bangkok Adrenaline movie stars and incidentally scriptwriter, director, producer, etc were all required along the way.

What can you do to leapfrog your career farward instead of taking those tiny safe steps?