Angry Relationship Breakups

Time and again I see people who are breaking up with a former lover and the anger is so thick in the air I can almost taste it.  What is happening to these people who only days before were saying I love you to each other? What posesses people to change like this?

Where has the love gone?

Truth be told I do not think there was any true love there in the first place – depending upon your definition of love.

To go from “loving” someone to hating them because they did something you did not like just goes to show your internal anger and flaws – maybe they misjudged their lover but unless they blatently lied to you about everything then it is more likely that you are upset about loosing face value or feel inadequate because of their behaviou and thus thier self image is damaged and they are lashing out.

Is anger really the best course? Who really gets hurt by your anger. Only you. Why do people think that they have to get ‘revenge’ often when they do not have the full facts and more importantly are running on emotions with little thought?

This is something I see often living in Asia, some fat frumpy housewife abusing her husband in public because he was looking at some hot Asian girl walking past.

That is not love it is dependancy and neediness, add this to anger and it makes a very unattractive mix.

Maybe it would be better to just move on and find that person that is right for them rather than continuing to waste time and energy on a relationship that was already destined to failure.

Just my thoughts.