Kindergarten Child Arrested And Charged With Felony

A 6 year old child was arrested for being disruptive at Kindergarten. The child was arrested for diruptive behaviour and was also charged for assaulting her teacher and resisting arrest. (See scanned document below).

“When there is an outburst of violence,” Police Chief Frank Mercurio told a local news station, “we have a duty to protect and make that school a safe environment for the students, staff and faculty. That’s why, at this point, the person was arrested regardless what the age.”

What sort of thoughtless people were involved in this case? Have the teacher or the police lost their minds or do they belong in a drug treatment center? Lets examine this closer.

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International Travel Is Good For You

Travel opens up new ideas and new experiences, it helps change the way you think and gives you a broader perspective on life. It makes you a more rounded individual and more ‘worldly’. It also relieves you from insecurities when dealing with foreigners or foreign cultures.

Upon travelling through Asia and Eastern Europe I have come to see that people are the same everywhere, they all act in the same ways regardless of culture and politics.

Growing up in the West I was taught to believe that Russians are bad people. Wrong.

They enjoy being with their friends and family, they enjoy a beer and they even have the same fart jokes – just spoken in a different language.

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Why Fight Over Religion

Why are all the religious fundamentalists fighting each other?

American Christians believe they are right, Islamic Extremists believe they are right, I believe they are both wrong.

I mean who are they to judge what is right and wrong – I thought that was supposed to be God’s job at the end of the day – and who amde the fundamentalists God?

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Working 9 To 5 Is It Really You

Why do you work 9 to 5? Do you enjoy your job? If not why do you stay at it?

On any monday morning try sitting by the side of the road at 8am and watching all the unhappy faces driving past you. Barely anyone is smiling, no one is laughing. What does that tell you?

So why do all these people and possibly yourself included in this, why do they all continue to get up like slaves and go to the job?

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Is HIV Truly the Cause of AIDS?

In a thought provoking article by City On A Hill Press there has been an interview with world reknown scientist known for isolating the first cancer gene in 1970 – his name – Peter Duesberg.

Dr. Duesberg goes into some detail as to why the two are not necessarily linked and the mistakes the current medical practise is making. But as he mentions and I would like to highlight there is US$22.8 Billion (US$2.6 billion for research) from America alone slated for ongoing AIDS activities this year – that is a lot of money to give up if you suddenly start to go against current dogma.

In fact Dr. Duesberg had his funding cut for even raising the issues…

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